The Least Popular AC/DC Album Might Surprise You

If this was an article about the most popular AC/DC album, at least in terms of sales, it would be very short. The Australian hard rock legends' 1980 classic "Back in Black" is not only the best-selling AC/DC record, it's the second best-selling record in the world. Coming in second only to Michael Jackson's "Thriller," as reported by the Christian Science Monitor, "Back in Black" has sold over 49 million units. Despite decades of popularity and success, it's inevitable that any band with such a long tenure is going to put out a few clunkers. The 600 people Grunge surveyed were asked, "What is your least favorite AC/DC album?" and they had some thoughts.

Coming in with just 12.17% of the "turn it off, TURN IT OFF" votes was AC/DC's third album "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap." Despite its 1976 Australian release date, the album didn't come out in the States until 1981, per Billboard, a year after "Back in Black," and featured the band's former lead singer Bon Scott, who died in 1980. With the iconic title track sung from the point of view of a hit man merrily listing off all the violent acts he'll perform for a reasonable price, it's easy to see why there's still love for the record.

The fifth least popular AC/DC album, according to the 600 people surveyed, is "Back in Black," which took 13.5% of votes, proving that even the world's second best-selling album of all time is going to have some detractors.

The worst of AC/DC?

In fourth place is the second 1981 release from AC/DC "For Those About to Rock, We Salute You," with 13% of respondents calling it their least favorite. Per Billboard, "For Those About to Rock..." was the first AC/DC album to hit No. 1 on the charts. Kurt Loder reviewed the album for Rolling Stone and called it their best album and the band "the real thing, perhaps the purest major practitioners of hot and snotty rock since Led Zeppelin lumbered off the boards."

The third least popular AC/DC album among respondents is 1979's "Highway to Hell," the last album to feature Bon Scott. In a 1993 interview with Guitar World, quoted by The Brag, guitarist Angus Young noted that the title was inspired by the exhaustion the band felt after four solid years of being on the road. "When you're sleeping with the singer's socks two inches from your nose, that's pretty close to hell," he described.

The second least popular AC/DC album in the poll is 1990's "The Razor's Edge" with 21.33% of votes. It was a comeback album for the band after a few stagnant years, reaching No. 2 on Billboard. Perhaps respondents agree with Rolling Stone's review: "With 'The Razor's Edge,' AC/DC sets a new record for the longest career without a single new idea."

The least popular AC/DC album according to Grunge's poll is "Flick of the Switch"; the 1983 record got 24.17% of the vote. Seems lots of people agree with the AllMusic review: "AC/DC's music has always been simple, but here it sounds underdeveloped and unmemorable."