Jillian Oliver

Photo of Jillian Oliver
New Orleans
University Of North Carolina, Greensboro
City University Of New York
History, Anthropology, Film
  • Jillian writes about old Hollywood, cocktail histories, museums, and space.
  • For Revelry Tours, she penned articles about the Museum of Death and the French 75 cocktail.
  • Her literary work has appeared in funky publications and strives to deal with the more disturbing sides of the human psyche


Jillian is a writer living in New Orleans, Louisiana, who practices both fiction and nonfiction writing. She began her writing endeavors in college, where she studied English and anthropology and wrote feature articles and film reviews. She started out film blogging for various websites while also occasionally publishing more literary pieces in publications like The Blotter Magazine and Gargoyle Magazine. Most recently, she freelanced with Revelry Tours in New Orleans, writing articles for their website and creating walking tours. Along her writing journey, she's carried sundry interests, including archaeology, astronomy, pseudoscience, and all things controversial and bizarre.


Jillian is currently working toward her Master of Arts in Museum Studies at the City University of New York. With a specialization in marketing and communications, she hopes to understand how publications and the written word are valuable to museums.
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