Leon Wilczek

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Berlin, Germany
Queen's University Belfast
Music History, Fine Art, Eco-Sustainability
  • Leon, with his experience in academia and curating writing workshops in Belfast and Berlin, understands the value of in-depth research when discovering links between unconnected creative concepts.
  • He has studied and performed widely in a wide range of musical styles, from indigenous musical traditions to the more avant-garde, and has toured throughout Europe.
  • Since 2020, Leon has been a regular writer to Utopia magazine, a periodical that focuses on environmental concerns, nature, health and well-being, and vegan cuisine.


Leon moved to Berlin to pursue a career in music production and performance after graduating from Queen's University in Belfast with a degree in Music and Art. Although Leon penned pieces in several indie music journals in Belfast, he truly turned to writing to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic, and honed his craft working for several start-ups and websites in Berlin. Since then, Leon has worked as a feature writer for a variety of publications over the past few years, specializing in those covering gaming and odds, environmental issues, fine dining, cruelty-free cuisine, and sustainable travel.


Leon holds a bachelor's degree in Musicology from Queen's University Belfast, where he studied literary analysis, composition, and the history of fine-art.
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