Mark Lambert

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Mark Lambert writes about technology, people and weird corners of modern life. He's especially interested in exploring how emergent technologies change how people think and what they want. He's also quite partial to a good dystopian storyline.
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Stories By Mark Lambert
  • Why Is Saturn Losing Its Rings?

    If our Solar System's planets were people on a bus, Saturn would be the guy in a purple cape, smelling of patchouli and smoking a corn husk pipe. With its distinctive rings, Saturn is the eccentric bus-guy of our cosmic neighborhood. Sadly, Saturn is slowly losing its ring-bedazzled mojo. But why?
  • What's The Difference Between Magma And Lava?

    You've heard of both "magma" and "lava" when it comes to that hot stuff from the end of Lord of the Rings. You know it's spicy enough to melt evil rings. But you might not be clear on the difference between the two terms. Well, we'll keep you from embarrassing yourself in front of the elves.
  • Are Elephants Really Scared Of Mice?

    It's basically a cartoon trope: the giant, seemingly unflappable and mighty elephant is reduced to abject, prancing terror at the sight of a plucky mouse (who's probably involved in an elaborate heist to obtain cheese). Is there any truth to it? And if not, where did this weird notion come from?
  • What Would Happen If There Were No Moon?

    The human race has an odd relationship with the battered, lonely space-bauble lazily circling our planet. It means many different things to our species. But setting our love affair with Earth's largest natural satellite aside, what would happen if it weren't there?
  • Do Spiders Sleep?

    Spiders aren't the kind of critters you can easily sneak up on, and for the 75 percent of our species who find spiders repugnant or terrifying, it's often this constant watchful alertness they find most disconcerting. So that leads us to the slightly weird question: do spiders sleep?
  • Ships That Mysteriously Vanished

    Oceans are great, but they aren't always kind to ships. To survive out there, a ship needs to be remarkably tough and be captained well. But it also takes luck. Here are ships that mysteriously vanished.