Nancy Sheppard

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Hampton Roads, VA
American Military University
Early American Military Aviation History, History Of Oddities And Curiosities, Thanatology
  • Nancy has published four nonfiction history books, guest lectured for four different universities, and has been featured on national television for her work multiple times, including on CSPAN's "American History TV."
  • She is the world's leading authority on the 1922 U.S. Army airship ROMA disaster. She has advocated for ROMA's story for 12 years, including being instrumental in having the first public memorial for the victims erected.
  • Nancy is also an award-nominated photographer/photojournalist.


Nancy is a nonfiction history author, researcher, editor, photographer, and lover of all things quirky and odd. She is fascinated by little-known, darker topics in history and is currently working on her fifth book. Aside from her work, Nancy enjoys photography (particularly of abandoned places), traveling, creating a mess at her desk, making visual art (though not very well), nerding out to "Star Trek," and spending time with her husband and children. Nancy served as the editor-in-chief for the Yorktown Crier-Poquoson Post, managing editor of Williamsburg Yorktown Daily, and her written and visual work has been published in numerous publications, including American Spirit magazine, Virginia Living, the official website for the U.S. Navy, and the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography.


Nancy graduated from American Military University with a B.A. in history with a focus on research and writing. She is currently a graduate candidate at American Public University System for an M.A. in American history.
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