Nancy Sheppard

Yorktown, Virginia
American Military University, University Of Denver
Odd History, Airships, American History
  • Nancy is a four-time award-nominated nonfiction author and lecturer specializing in American, odd, and lighter-than-air history.
  • She is an accomplished photojournalist and editor, having served as both the editor-in-chief and the managing editor for two newspapers.
  • Nancy has been featured on CSPAN American History Television, her work published in many different journals, magazines, and newspapers, and she is a sought-after guest lecturer.


Nancy E. Sheppard is a nonfiction history author, editor, and photojournalist. She specializes in odd history, American history, and the history of military lighter-than-air development. She serves as the leading authority on the airship ROMA disaster and has been recognized for her work and advocacy in her fields of expertise. Additionally, Nancy is an accomplished editor, having served in editorial leadership positions for two different newspapers. Aside from her work, Nancy enjoys photographing abandoned places, creating various forms of visual art, traveling, and spending time with her husband and children.


Nancy received her B.A. in History with a focus on research and writing from American Military University (AMU) and is on the cusp of completing an M.A. in American History from AMU. She is also about to start coursework towards an M.A. in Professional Nonfiction Creative Writing through the University of Denver.