The Least Popular Member Of The Rolling Stones Might Surprise You

The Rolling Stones have been world famous for longer than a lot of the world's population has been alive. Rising to popularity in the mid 1960s with their original line up of frontman Mick Jagger, drummer Charlie Watts, lead guitarist Keith Richards, multi-instrumentalist Brian Jones, and bassist Bill Wyman, the group has persevered for decades, even if the lineup has changed a few times.

Jones was fired from the band in 1969 and drowned in his pool about three weeks later, per Variety. Guitarist Mick Taylor replaced Jones, but he quit the band in 1975. That's when the Stones invited Ronnie Wood to be their new second guitarist. That time it stuck.

There's been lots of time to get to know these guys and form opinions. That's why Grunge thought we'd check in to see how people really feel about the British blues-based rockers who made a lucrative life out of playing music, partying, and doing whatever the heck they felt like. Our poll asked the question, "Which member of the Rolling Stones can you simply not stand?" The poll only asked about Jagger, Richards, Watts and Wood, as Bill Wyman left the band in 1993, per Rolling Stone (the magazine, that is).

Keith Richards is the unsung hero of party people everywhere. Somehow the 77-year-old has defied death, even though he's lived a long life embroiled in drug and alcohol abuse, not to mention a decades-long cigarette habit. None of that has done much to slow him down.

Haters gonna hate

We should also note, however, that he's given most of it up, save an occasional glass of wine or a beer, per Rolling Stone. Maybe it's that hedonistic life that makes 28% of folks polled dislike him.

Ronnie Wood came in third as the member of the Rolling Stones 21% of people said they couldn't stand, but maybe it's because they don't really know him. Sure, he's done the rock star thing — been wildin' out, drinks, drugs, much younger women, all that and more. It's kind of part of the job, no? At this stage in life, though, Wood is a 73-year old husband and father of twin 4-year-old girls who dedicates his life to his family and his art, according to Hello! Magazine and his website, Ronnie Wood

Just 18% of people could come up with reasons to dislike Charlie Watts, the Stones' unassuming drummer. Watts has been married to the same woman since 1964 and always seems like the happy-go-lucky member of the band who didn't seek attention and who didn't act out. He told NME in 2018 his life was different than his bandmates "Because I'm not really a rockstar. I don't have all the trappings of that."

Which brings us to the least-loved Stone. Apparently 32% of people can't stand Stones frontman Mick Jagger. It's hard to say if it's his swagger, his performance style, or things he's said in interviews, but apparently a bunch of people who have likely never met him have some un-fond feelings about the man.