Petra Godesa

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United Kingdom
University Of Ljubljana, University Of South Wales
Social Sciences, Culture, Media, Women's Rights
  • Petra's interest in social sciences has informed her her journalistic work in the field of gender rights, colonialism, and anthropology. As a feature writer for DELO, she spent five months in 2018 traveling through Guatemala and Mexico, research and reporting on local and national issues in Latin America. In 2019, she spent over a month with the Huni Kuin tribe, documenting their enchanting but difficult life deep in the Amazon forest.
  • As a freelance writer, Petra has contributed to Unearth Women, a female travel magazine; The Slovenia Times, the only Slovene business magazine in the English language; Versopolis Review, a pan-European cultural and humanities magazine; and Sobotna priloga (DELO), a renowned newspaper supplement in the Slovene media sphere. As a member of the Ona magazine newsroom, she regularly wrote for the weekly, monthly, and online editions, focusing on crucial social and women's issues. Over the years, she created over 300 pieces, mostly interviews, feature stories, and travelogues. In 2019 she became a columnist, carefully attempting to dissect intricate human nature.
  • Petra's documentary photography has been exhibited in Chania, Crete); Ljubljana, Slovenia; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina; Berlin; and Cardiff, Wales. Currently, she is working on a photo documentary project, researching the role of photography in perpetuating gender stereotypes. In 2017, she created a literary travel blog,, where she combined her love for writing, travelling, and photography.


Petra is a writer and photographer currently based in London, U.K. With nearly 10 years of experience as a journalist for publications like DELO, Versopolis, Unearthed Women, and The Slovenia Times), she's covered human rights' issues, female health, and culture. Always curious and passionate about the state of the world, her documentary photography work focuses on relations of power and the position of women in the modern society.


Petra has a bachelor's degree in cultural studies/critical theory and analysis and a master's degree in journalism, both from the University of Ljubljana.
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