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University Of Arizona
Nature & Biology, Popular Music Lore, Supernatural Creatures
  • Becky was featured in the PBS documentary "Birdwatching Across Arizona" and generally knows too much about birds.
  • She attends many concerts, occasionally guest DJs at KXCI in Tucson, and has interviewed musical artists including Son Lux and Mimicking Birds.
  • She loves mythological creatures like werewolves, vampires, mermaids, and Bigfoot. She has probably read every book written on these subjects.


Becky's love of the written word started early with incessant journaling and the constant creation of absurd illustrated tales about rebellious goats, peripheral "Star Wars" characters, and Bigfoot impersonators turned vigilante. She won awards for her fictional stories as early as second grade and went on to manage and regularly contribute emo poetry to her high school's literary magazine. Throughout her life, she has worked a variety of oddball jobs at establishments ranging from dive bars to world-class resorts to botanical gardens. Her diverse experiences as a field researcher, bartender, nature tour guide, living collections manager, barista, herbarium "librarian," quality assurance technician, gardener, and document control specialist all inform her writing in different Hunter S. Thompson-esque ways. Nowadays, she is primarily a science writer for outlets like the Desert Rivers Audubon Society and Birding Insider but also dabbles pretty heavily in music journalism by way of album reviews and artist interviews at New Noise Magazine. Becky started writing for Grunge in 2022, finding it the perfect outlet for her eclectic interests.


Becky holds a Bachelor of Science degree in ecology and evolutionary biology with minors in botany and zoology from the University of Arizona.
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