Amielle Moreno, Ph.D.

Photo of Amielle Moreno, Ph.D.
Seattle, WA
University Of Washington, Emory University
Neuroscience, Biomedical Research, Comedy
  • Amielle defended her doctorate thesis from the neuroscience graduate program at Emory University.
  • Her original research on hormones and auditory cortical plasticity was published in the journal Hearing Research.
  • She produces and hosts a neuroscience comedy podcast covering the latest behavioral discoveries.


Amielle Moreno earned her doctorate in neuroscience from Emory University and has dedicated her career to science communication, news coverage, and academic writing/editing. She is a published researcher who has branched out to author articles for various science websites. She is currently preparing a second academic manuscript for submission. It will detail her findings on how sensory areas of the brain respond to social sound. When she's not writing or editing, you can find her spinning the latest neuroscience news into comedy gold, hosting her podcast "Miss Behavior Journal Club." This fortnightly humorous podcast features the latest in behavioral research. Her goal in life is to defend and discover scientific truths.


Amielle Moreno received a double degree in cellular and molecular biology and psychology from the University of Washington. She received scientific training in a neuroscience laboratory and academic research while a doctorate candidate at Emory University.
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