Nolan Moore

The United States
Movies, Writing, Editing
  • Nolan started writing for Static Media in 2016, creating content for both Looper and Grunge.
  • He's been editing Looper articles since 2019.
  • Nolan oversees Looper's Ambassador lists — articles that keep you up to date on the films leaving/coming to various streaming services.


Nolan worked as a freelance writer from 2013 to 2019. During that time, he published articles on various sites such as Fightland and Atlas Obscura. And while he mostly wrote about movies, he covered everything from true crime to MMA to cool facts about polar bears. However, in 2015, Nolan also started editing, and that's what he focuses on these days — working with writers to make sure Looper content is always 100% awesome.
Stories By Nolan Moore