Kathryn Olvera

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Eugene, Oregon
Chemeketa College Salem
TV, Movies, The Horror Genre, All Things Paranormal
  • Kathryn has been writing professionally for around five years and has been published on a variety of websites, including HappyGamer.com, All That's Interesting, GameRant, and Eve Poetry.
  • Kathryn is the current Editor-in-Chief of HorrOrigins.com.
  • Kathryn has studied journalism, creative writing, and parapsychology.


Kathryn specializes in writing about movies, horror, pop culture, and anything that might involve the paranormal. She's the current Editor-in-Chief for Horrorigins.com. In 2021, she published a full-length poetry collection, "Time Slip," under the pseudonym Terra Vagus. Kathryn participated in The Roma Women's Poetry Project in 2020 and has pieces published in several poetry anthologies.


Kathryn has received a creative writing and editing certificate from the University of Michigan.
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