Noemi Arellano-Summer

Long Beach, CA
Boston University
History, Film, Literature
  • Noemi is a contributing freelancer for Grunge, and writes pieces on history and entertainment.
  • Noemi has written about arts and entertainment for The Boston Hassle, The Collective, the Boston University News Service, and Mindfray. As a journalist, she won a regional award for her work on the Howard Center at the University of Maryland's national investigative homelessness project Nowhere to Go.
  • Noemi has always been passionate about history and considers herself a hobby historian. She is a voracious reader of both nonfiction and historical fiction. She is particularly knowledgeable and interested in European royalty, the Plantagenets and Tudors, and early America.


Noemi Arellano-Summer is a journalist currently working in the Los Angeles area. She has experience as a writer, editor, copy-editor, photojournalist, and arts critic. She is passionate about arts, history, culture, entertainment, film, and literature. A recent graduate with a BS in journalism and a minor in history from Boston University, Noemi has published work at the following publications: The Boston Globe, Boston University News Service, The BU BUZZ, The BU Quad, Mindfray, The Boston Hassle, The Collective,, and The Celebrity Cafe. She was a reporter for the Howard Center for Investigative Journalism’s recent national investigative project on homelessness: Nowhere to Go. She joined Static Media as a contributing freelancer in 2021.


Noemi has a bachelor of science in journalism and a minor in history from Boston University.
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