Melissa Sherrard

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St. Augustine, FL
University Of Florida
TV, Movies, Pop Culture
  • Melissa is an experienced researcher and reporter with a love of both classic and modern films and television shows.
  • She's written/edited thousands of authoritative articles for various platforms, including eHow, The Culture Trip, Snip News, SteadyContent, Civilized, Hoodline, and WalletHub.
  • She also reviewed young adult fantasy books for IndieReader.


Melissa has worked as a professional writer/editor for more than a decade. Her work has covered a broad range of topics, including breaking news, cultural trends, politics, travel destinations, the environment, wellness, and entertainment. She's also held several positions in which she managed the writing, editing, and design of various media materials, both online and in print. She is familiar with several editorial styles (AP, Chicago, AMA).


Melissa has a bachelor's degree in Public Relations with a concentration in psychology from the University of Florida.
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