Benito Cereno

Lexington, KY
Rhodes College
University Of Kentucky
Latin And Greek Language And Literature, Horror Movies, Biblical Literature, Christmas Practices And Folklore
  • Through his education in ancient and medieval literature as well as his ongoing podcast, Benito has a great deal of experience with Christian apocrypha, Jewish pseudepigrapha, hagiography, and all sorts of other extracanonical biblical weirdness.
  • His formal education is in Ancient Greek and Roman literature, giving him a solid grounding in ancient history and classical mythology, one of his favorite subjects since childhood.
  • A more informal love of ghost and monster stories has led him to do a deep dive into world folklore to find the creepiest and wildest stories people tell each other around the globe.


Benito is a comic book writer with publications from Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, and New England Comics, where he has written The Tick. He was a long-time contributor to the Eisner Award-winning comics news and opinion site Comics Alliance, where he wrote humor pieces, comics history essays, and informative videos. He has also worked as an educator, formerly serving as a university-level instructor of Latin and Greco-Roman mythology. He is also the co-host of the popular podcast Apocrypals, which is an educational but fun survey of the Bible, apocrypha, pseudepigrapha, and hagiography.


Benito has decades of experience studying a broad selection of Latin literature, from ancient mythology to medieval bestiaries to early modern utopias, as well as having studied English literature and world film.
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