Benito Cereno

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Lexington, KY
Rhodes College, University Of Kentucky
Greco-Roman Mythology, Biblical Literature, Christmas Folklore
  • Publisher's Weekly called Benito's debut graphic novel Tales from the Bully Pulpit "exceedingly smart and funny," "continually surpris[ing] readers with a succession of fanciful story ideas."
  • His podcast on biblical apocrypha, Apocrypals, was given a positive write-up in The Guardian, which called it "a delight, combining erudition, irreverence and nods to Van Halen."
  • Wizard Magazine called Benito's supernatural adventure comic Hector Plasm one of the best comic books published after 1991, and Comic Book Resources named his tenure on The Tick one of the best comics of 2012.


Benito is a comic book writer with publications from Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, and New England Comics. He was a long-time contributor to the Eisner Award-winning comics news and opinion site Comics Alliance, where he wrote humor pieces, comics history essays, and informative videos. His formal education is in Ancient Greek and Roman literature, giving him a solid grounding in ancient history and classical mythology, one of his favorite subjects since childhood. He is also the co-host of the popular podcasts Apocrypals, a comedy show about biblical literature, and Friends Till the End, a podcast on the Child's Play movie and TV franchise and other associated media.


Benito has a bachelor's degree in Classics and English and a master's degree in Classical Languages and Literature.
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