Marina Manoukian

Photo of Marina Manoukian
Berlin, Germany
Sarah Lawrence College
Freie Universität Berlin
Global History, Literature, Science, Social Justice
  • Book reviewer for Full Stop Review
  • Studied English philology
  • Publishes non-fiction essays on feminism


Marina has been writing for almost two decades, ever since she wrote a poem and submitted it to a scam for-profit poetry contest. Since then, she has expanded her writing to include non-fiction, fictocriticism, and copywriting. Her work has been published in several poetry magazines, including Yes Poetry, Punch Drunk Press, and CuluraColectiva+. Her undergraduate studies focused on literature and philosophy. In addition to being an avid reader, Marina occasionally reviews books for Full Stop Review. And having studied philology and how language operates in a culture, Marina makes sure to pay attention to the rhetoric she uses when describing various historical and contemporary events to ensure that her writing is both sensitive and informative. In addition to writing for Grunge, Marina has published non-fiction essays that look at the expansion of feminism in our understanding of the world.


Marina has a bachelor's in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College, located in Bronxville, New York, where her studies focused primarily on literature and philosophy. She received her master's in English Philology from Freie Universität Berlin in Germany.
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