Xan Indigo

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Paris, France
University Of Nottingham
Astronomy & Astrophysics, Ancient History, Earth & The Environment
  • Xan has given several research presentations about the chemistry of interstellar space, including at a castle in Bavaria, an observatory in Hawaii, and a hot spring in Japan.
  • At several public science events, Xan has given talks about astrobiology and the science behind the search for alien life.
  • An amateur botanist, Xan once built a terrarium for carnivorous plants, keeping a healthy collection of them from around the world.


Xan has written articles covering topics from sci-fi movies to subatomic physics, published by a variety of media outlets including Seeker, io9, and ScreenRant. They have a strong background in science as a former professional astrophysicist and quantum chemist, and they're perfectly happy to dive into both academic papers and Netflix shows alike to pick apart interesting ideas. As a mixed race non-binary immigrant who's lived in four different countries across Eurasia, Xan can give a distinctive cultural perspective on a variety of topics. Insatiably curious, they place great value on empathy, optimism, and the idea that a brighter world is always possible. When not writing, they have a love of plants and all things botanical, with a not-so-secret ambition to turn their apartment into a tiny rainforest.


Xan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry of materials and a PhD in molecular astrophysics — both interdisciplinary fields which involve finding connections between seemingly disparate concepts and bodies of knowledge.
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