Xan Indigo

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Paris, France
University Of Nottingham
Astronomy, Weird Science, Obscure Facts
  • Xan has been a science and entertainment writer for over a decade with articles published by sites like Seeker, io9, and ScreenRant.
  • They have worked as a professional scientist in four countries, working with telescopes, lasers, and supercomputers.
  • In their spare time, Xan is a poet and speculative fiction author, and is currently drafting a sci-fi novella.


Xan has always enjoyed communicating science and has spent a lot of time and effort writing science blogs and feature articles, especially on topics involving alien planets, ancient history, and what life might be like in the future. Fascinated by the universe, they studied astrophysics and have worked as a professional scientist in infrared astronomy and solar energy, as well as speaking at public astronomy events. They are also a published author of short fiction and microfiction, with a fondness for sci-fi realism and uncanny horror. When not writing, Xan has a love of plants and botany, with a not-so-secret ambition to turn their apartment into a tiny rainforest.


Xan has a doctorate in molecular astrophysics from the University of Nottingham in the U.K.
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