Garrett S. Griffin

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Kansas City, Missouri
Rockhurst University, Missouri State University
American History, American Politics, Social Criticism
  • Garrett is the author of two books, "Racism in Kansas City: A Short History" and "Why America Needs Socialism: The Argument from Martin Luther King, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, and Other Great Thinkers."
  • He has a master's degree in history education and is pursuing a second master's in American history.
  • An activist since 2014, he has been involved in myriad political campaigns and movements for Kansas City, the state of Missouri, and the U.S. as a whole.


Garrett S. Griffin is an activist, writer, and author of two books. After working as a professional writer-editor and a para for special needs students, he now serves as communications director at Communities Creating Opportunity, a political advocacy organization that fights for social change, in addition to being a news writer for Grunge. His work has appeared on Yahoo!, the Democratic Left, and local Missouri papers.


Garrett has a master's degree in history education from Rockhurst University and is pursuing a master's in American history from Missouri State University.
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