Joe Garza

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Los Angeles, California
Santa Clara University
Movies, TV, Comics
  • Joe has spent several years managing content strategy for a small yet scrappy Silicon Valley startup.
  • For the last several years, in his spare time, Joe has written many articles related to the arts and pop culture on his personal blog.
  • Joe is a film, TV, and comics obsessive, and has a vast knowledge of pop culture that he's dying to put to good use.


Joe continues to let his music degree gather dust as he builds a career as an arts and entertainment writer. Prior to writing about movies, TV shows, and nerd culture at Looper, he wrote for National Elite Media's publications the LA Trend and the Bay Area Trend, covering local attractions and things to do in those respective areas. From 2014 to 2018, he managed the content for the pre-seed startup accelerator the Founder Institute, where he covered various topics related to entrepreneurship and the tech world. When not writing about pop culture for money, he spends his free time writing about pop culture for free on a blog nobody knows about. Like half the population of Los Angeles, Joe moved there to become a failed screenwriter, a hobby he is very good and experienced at.


While Joe's music degree may not sound like an obvious qualification as a Looper writer, his experience as a musician and composer has given him an insight into the artists' process and an appreciation for what it takes to create entertainment for the masses, which has greatly benefited his ability to cover topics related to the arts and pop culture.
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