Veronika Lee

New Orleans, LA
University Of Pennsylvania, University Of New Orleans
Literature, History, Film
  • Veronika Lee is a multi-potentialite with experience in the journalism, entertainment, and academic arenas.
  • She is a former film and casting director who has worked on films such as "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and "The Dark Knight Rises."
  • Veronika has held various positions ranging from writing obituaries for a Philadelphia newspaper and casting stunt people for CBS to generating animal psychiatric reports for Penn Veterinary Medicine and photo-doubling for actress Megan Fox. She speaks English, French, German, and Norwegian. Her favorite artists are Oscar Wilde, Alcest, Nirvana, and PHONY.


Veronika Lee’s writing has been featured in Mental Floss,, Elite Daily, Antigravity, and more. A university instructor in English in New Orleans, she enjoys incorporating pop culture into discussions of Oscar Wilde and other writers. In her spare time she plays guitar and composes music.


She studied English literature, with a concentration in the English Reformation, at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of New Orleans.
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