Brian Boone

University Of Oregon
TV, Trivia, Music, History, Celebrities
  • Brian has an encyclopedic knowledge of American television.
  • He also has a keen memory for little-known facts about well-known topics.
  • He has extensive experience writing trivia in a humorous and engaging way.


For nearly two decades, Brian has written trivia and comedy for print and the internet. He’s a longtime contributor to the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series of trivia almanacs, writing hundreds of articles and editing books including “Robotica,” “Fake Facts,” “Weird Inventions,” and “Tunes Into TV.” His humor has appeared on The Onion-affiliated sites, and he joined Static Media in 2016, writing about television, film, history, music, and celebrities for Looper, Grunge, and Nicki Swift. His first novel, “Great Men of Science,” was published in 2020.


Brian has a bachelor's degree in journalism and theatre from the University of Oregon, where he was the editor-in-chief of the pop culture and lifestyle magazine the “Oregon Voice.”
Stories By Brian Boone