Alice Bennett

United Kingdom
King's College London, University Of Oxford
History, Philosophy, Travel
  • Alice is the Senior Ancient and Medieval History Editor for The Collector.
  • She holds a master's degree in late antique and Byzantine studies from the University of Oxford.
  • Over the years, she has written for many history and travel-related publications, and she recently designed and scripted an entire audio series on the history of the Byzantine Empire.


Alice is a freelance writer and editor with an interest in all things culture-related. Obscure History is her forte, and she has a grim fascination with societal collapse in particular. She's from Cornwall in the U.K., but she lives the life of a digital nomad — writing from various locations around the world. Alice is particularly interested in exploring ancient ruins and lost places, both in her writing and on her travels.


Alice has a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient History from King's College London and a Master of Studies in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies from the University of Oxford. Her research interests focused on the last vestiges of pagan philosophy and religion in early medieval Europe.
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